“Procedural laws and their application for practice in India” by Mr. Chidambara Shastry Sarva

The Centre for Litigation Studies organised a lecture on ‘Procedural laws and their application for practice in India’ on July 24, 2017. The lecture was delivered by our distinguished alumnus, Mr. Chidambara Shastry Sarva. 


Mr. Sarva started the discussion with the basics of civil procedure. He explained the practical application of orders and sections. Certain important provisions which were discussed in detail, inter alia, were, section 75 [Power of court to issue commissions], 89 [Settlement of disputes outside courts], and 96 [Appeal from original decree] with Order IX Rule 13 [setting aside decree ex-parte against defendant], Section 100 [Second Appeal], Section 107 [Powers of the Appellate Court], Section 114 [Review of a decree or an order], Section 115 [Revision], Section 122 [Powers of certain High Courts to make rules and the deviation from administrative law provisions], Section 148 [Enlargement of Time], Section 148 A [Right to lodge a caveat], Section 151 [Inherent powers of the Court].

The lecture culminated with an interactive session.